Handcrafted Leather Footwear and Fashion Accessories

Welcome to Cavalli

We are committed to supplying high quality goods to retail fashion boutiques and footwear retailers, locally and internationally.
LEO D MAR cc is the registered owner of the Cavalli brand in South Africa. Discover our range of handcrafted footwear in exotic leather of ostrich and crocodile.
Added to the collection we offer elegant and high quality leather collection shoes made of calf and buffalo leather. Our men’s range of footwear are complimented
with a robust leather sole applied with the internationally acclaimed Good Year welted construction or Italian stuck-on leather soles.

Added to this collection is belts, jackets, wallets and handbags of the same material, complimented  with the collection of double mercerised golf shirts,
high quality cotton jeans, formal and informal shirts as well as wool suits and trousers.

Our ranges of products are carefully handcrafted by internationally recognised manufacturers in South Africa.



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